Things don't always happen on the first try. Especially when it comes to creative endeavors. Small causes can lead to colossal effects, and the end results aren't always on your side. Luckily for Upon The Devil's Request, the butterfly effect has been in their favor. Formed in 2003 and went on hiatus shortly after, the Arkansas-based prog rock band has resurrected from purgatory almost by accident, and the end result: an auditory mystique sweetened with space rock extract and lucid dream-inducing droplets. “Our band name is a cautionary metaphoric mantra based on the idea that any one-thing, no matter how seemingly small or benign, can have the potential to destroy us if allowed to spiral,” explains vocalist Ryan Cook. “The idea that all things are interconnected and each action we do in this life has an effect vastly beyond the majority's comprehension.” Comprised of Cook, guitar/synth player Derek Reed, bassist Jerry Cordova and drummer Logan Kennedy, UTDR stake their territory at the crossroads where Pink Floyd, Mogwai, Bjork, Jane's Addiction and Queens of the Stone Age meet. Hailing from Little Rock, the quartet took shape initially after Cook met Reed at the tattoo studio where he worked. Deciding to write a few songs together, the pair soon brought in Cordova, who had played previously with Cook in other bands, and later Kennedy to round out the roster. The chemistry was so intense that they ended up demoing three albums worth of material. But all that productivity led to a quick burnout. And when Cordova relocated to a different city, things waned. But everything turned around in 2012, a decade later. En route to Memphis to see Jane's Addiction perform, Cook messaged Cordova out of the blue to see if he'd be at the show, and upon meeting it was like they had never missed a beat. In 2014 the four members finally reconvened, and only after a few rehearsals went into the studio to track their debut album NightBlind, which saw its release on Halloween 2015. Produced by Jason Tedford at Wolfman Studios in Little Rock, and mastered by Eric Broyhill at MonsterLab Audio in Stockholm, Sweden, the 7-track effort delves into the ambiance of a dreamlike realm, full of surrealism and elaborate metaphors. Currently supporting the record with shows in the Southern region, Upon The Devil's Request already have two new concept albums in the works, and plan to keep exploring the cause and effect of life, and how harmless pleasures can turn into vices. Says Cook, “Lyrically a lot of what I write about is kind of a surreal take on trying to make sense out of everyday human interaction, compassion or empathy, and the struggle to understand the intentions of other people.”