Hailing from the landscapes of Little Rock, Arkansas, Illusionaut has been hitting the ground running in the music realm relentlessly since 2014 after taking an 10 year hiatus. Illusionaut has been described as space rock with progressive tendencies. They have developed into a prominent group of songwriters and performers with their own multifaceted signature sound, featuring a vast array of influences ranging from Pink Floyd, The Cure, Failure, Jane's Addiction, Björk, and Mogwai. With many years under their belts performing, writing, and recording, Illusionaut's newest album "Snow Queen", produced/engineered by Darian Stribling and mastered by Ken Andrews of influential group, Failure, was released on 4/20 of 2018.  


 "This album reveals the band’s skill in balancing individually accessible tracks with a larger emotive concept. Illusionaut is a band to watch out for, and not because it fills the void left by their legendary peers. These guys are forging their own musical path, and though they still have a lot on the road ahead of them, “Snow Queen” is a definitive memento of where they are right now." - Tunedloud Magazine 

 "Although their definition is almost impossible, one of the most accurate definitions they have received so far is Space Rock - an almost literal description of the broad scope of their creative capabilities, extending away from everything human and earthly. Illusionaut's space odyssey is also difficult to perceive, giving rise to a variety of thoughts and emotions, leaving even the most indifferent listener totally hypnotized and breathless after only about 40 minutes.The world-class quality and the overall depth and meaning of recording are things that no one would expect from an underground band such as Illusionaut." - Metal World 


Listen to our latest album "Snow Queen" mastered by Ken Andrews of the band Failure:


"LISTEN to the way this band interacts and how these songs develop & evolve as they play on…because this is highly impressive stuff.  That bass-riff starting “Take Me To The Edge” is killer…the guitar notes that soar through the air are a perfect fit…Ryan’s vocals start in that distantly-melodic vein and increase with intensity…and once they’re all locked into place, those amazing drums from Logan come in to add the punch that takes this whole song to that next level." - Sleeping Bag Studios


They’ve come up with an incredible combination of styles. For a band to create rocking, beautiful, energetic, dark, dynamic, trippy, uplifting, and relaxing moods while always sounding unique is as much as anyone could achieve. The raw power and talent from each one of these guys is inspiring." - Stereo Stickman 

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